innovative and cost efficient Visual Engineering and concept project support

Visualizations can change the way people communicate, solve complex problems,help make most important decisions. Our fit-for purpose visual services for Oil & Gas and other industries will help your organization become more efficient and cost effective, more visible and attractive.

Our services are provided with the highest dedication and quality, with most competitive price on the market. We own large rendering farm, therefore we do not charge for hardware rendering power. There are no hidden costs, as you will have with most of visualization companies.

RIG CONCEPT & DESIGN ( RCD ) is providing Professional 3D Visualization and Animation services from before KICK-OFF meeting to support when unit is in OPERATION. Conceptual development and testing during FEED. Significant cost reduction through conceptual verification of all type of studies during ENGINEERING phase. Better understanding within the project through visualization. Improved communication between oil companies, yards and drilling contractors. All type of operations can be planned and performed in RIGBOX, safe and fully interactive 3D environment.

Conceptual development design using 3D modelling and animation, is an efficient method to verify plans with moving equipment and evolves ideas by not only modeling but also animating the equipment to check out layout functionality on the fly.



    • Better understanding within the project through visualizations
    • Improved communication between all parties involved
    • Instant conceptual verification of engineering modifications
    • Planning and testing of all future operations in safe interactive 3D RIGBOX environment
    • Crew training simulators in RIGBOX – A World Class Alternative to expensive simulators available on the market of Oil and Gas industry
    • Minimizing delay time of your product’s delivery, speeding up potential modification
    • Cost reduction for Client team working in shipyards or offshore by speeding up project execution
    • Project Management team will receive necessary tools to improve decision making process through conceptual consulting
    • During FEED you will test and perform operations in safe and interactive RIGBOX environment, and learn from mistakes without causing harm to people or damaging equipment
    • Construction and Assembly will be performed within schedule thanks to improved understanding through visualizations and interactive training
    • Communication (language barrier) improvement thanks to realistic visualizations, 3d animations, RIGBOX interactive 3D models
    • Traveling cost reductions can be introduced. Traveling replaced with videoconference workshops with use of RIGBOX interactive training and planning


significant cost reduction within client projects through professional conceptual consulting and visualization services

how can we assist you?

interactive viewer

‘Interactive Viewer’ is a web based solution developed for creating interactive presentations in same high quality as 3D Animations or Visualizations.
Imagine enhanced animation where viewer/user can decide what he wants to see, where he wants to go, interact in animation with operation, or even load/read external real time data.

360 Images

An immersive, panoramic image. It puts the viewer in control of what they want to look at within an image. It allows them to look anywhere around.


Improve your concept with technical visualization support. Move your marketing to a higher level with photorealistic renderings of your products.

3D Animations

Marketing animations will help you reach potential or existing clients, and help you win new contracts.
In Technical Animations – Animated future operations will ensure that everything will go as planned. Test it in 3D, and increase overall understanding within your organization.

rigbox – interactive 3d model solutions

RIGBOX is an interactive model solution focused on offshore drilling units (Jackups, Semi-Submersibles, Drillships), offshore platforms, land rigs, equipment, yachts, where the user can freely explore and interact with a 3D model of a conceptual or finished project. Each Rigbox is modular allowing the customer to build a suite of tools and functionalities from the packages that are offered, creating an interactive solution that fits your or your customer’s scope and requirements.

product presentations

Bring your products to life. Transform static 2D drawings and 3D models into interactive equipment presentations accessible by your potential and existing clients on your website.
Attract more clients through better understanding of your tools and services, by allowing them to interact with your product and its functions online.
As option have stand-alone interactive presentations for your meetings, workshops, or as send outs.
Powered by RIGBOX

Visual Engineering & Conceptual Project Support

Our engineering team supprted by graphic designers will speed up and improve your concept development phase. We will help you solve all future potential problems during at every stage of your project.

Equipment Supplier support

Stay one step ahead of the competition and increase your chance of winning new contract.
We will place your equipment in virtual 3D model, “digital twin” of real unit of your future customer.
Give them possibility to perform interactive real time operations in 3d virtual reality with your equipment on their unit before contract award to ensure that your company will their first choice.