RIGBOX is an interactive model solution focused on offshore drilling units (Jack-Ups, Semi-Submersibles, Drillships), offshore platforms, land rigs, equipment, where the user can freely explore and interact with a 3D model of a conceptual or finished project. Each Rigbox is modular allowing the client to build a suite of tools and functionalities from the packages that are offered, creating an interactive solution that fits your or your client’s scope and requirements.

• Fully interactive crane operations with real time load charts programmed in
• Create layouts in minutes, apply weight and perform lifting operations
• Jackup up/down, control movement
• Control barges, supply boats
• Adjustable fully interactive water depth
• Control lifeboats, forklift,
• Walk as person, get familiar with your unit,
• Plan your operations, perform studies in minutes in meetings and record them



Input 3D Model of Rig or Vessel through a combination of methods
• Modification of earlier 3D models
• Modeled using plans and drawings
• Simplified from Engineering models


Functionality packages containing the different RIGBOX features and tools
• Integration of chosen packages
• Specific modifications to tools
• Custom Functionality Request


Interactive Rig or Vessel 3D model with specified functionality

• Easy to install and use
• Defined by scope requirements

Logistics Package

Extend the base package with logistics to populate your interactive model with cargo and equipment and take dynamically controlled measurements. Freely move the objects around in the 3D Environment to discover how 3rd party layouts and logistics can be planned.

• Object Library for cargo and equipment placement
• Create 3rd party deck layouts
• Dynamic measurements with the Measurement tool
• Save and Share scene layouts with other Rigbox users

Material Handling Package

Plan future operations through interactive equipment in your Rigbox. Integrate only the operations that are relevant for your needs and allow your users to familiarize themselves with operational procedures.

• For Drilling Equipment
• Interactive Crane Control with real time Load Charts
• Cantilever Skidding
• Subsea operations
• Custom operations.

HSE Package

Learn systems and procedures in a safe environment. Practice translates to higher skill levels and improved employee performance. Allows users to make mistakes and understand the consequences without causing real injury or harm to the person or the equipment.
Programmed in, real life training scenarios:

• Lifeboat training
• Drillfloor training
• Crane training
• Unit familiarization
• Custom training programs

Presentation Package

Enhance your presentations with integrated animations, fly-through, and voiceovers to create a Rigbox that can convey your vision or serve as introductions to equipment and concepts. This package offers full control over operational animations and allows the user to experience operations from any point of view. Animations can be created on request.

• Interactive player for animations
• Fly-through and voiceover functionality
• Interactive flyarounds


Integrate Virtual Reality into your Rigbox project to provide a truly immersive experience. This package allows you to explore your concepts as if you were there in person using a virtual reality headset. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive.


Bring your application to the mobile space on select Android and iOS devices. Showcase your project with intuitive touch controls and an easy to use interface. The Rigbox mobile package is not part of the main Rigbox offering and is only made on custom request.


Got any ideas for functionality you want to Integrate? Any specific equipment that requires specific controls and functions? New functionality can be developed on request based on the requirements of your project.


• Improved concept understanding through visualization
• Improved communication within the project
• Planning and training in a safe virtual environment
• Affordable alternative to expensive simulators


Interactive Equipment – Control all the revelant equipment on your project with easy to use controls, including cranes, cantilevers, and texas decks. Set operational parameters to plan for different scenarios.

Interactive Operations – Integrate operational animations to allow your users full playback control over your animations. View operations from any angle in 2D, 3D, or from a first person perspective.

Layout Planning – Plan 3rd party equipment layouts with the deck planning tool. Create and modify different layouts and share with other people on your project.

Material Handling – Perform material handling with a forklift or by using the cranes to see how future operations could be performed.

Visualize Operational Restrictions

Dynamic Measurement

Perform Lifting Operations

Control Rig Positioning

Crowd Simulation

Interactive Lifeboats

Familiarization – Familiarize your users with your rig or rig concept by allowing them to explore it for themselves from a first or third person perspective.

Rov and Subsea – Go underwater with an ROV to get a closer look at the seabed near your rig. Get a better view at subsea equipment that are part of your operations.