Web-Based interactive viewer

'Interactive Viewer' is a web based system developed for creating 360 web-based interactive presentations in same high quality as 3D Animations or Visualizations.
Imagine enhanced animation where viewer/user can decide what he wants to see, where he wants to go, interact in animation with operation, or even load/read external real time data.

Controls: Drag with mouse sideways to rotate. Click on spots to fly in/out

(click on image to open viewer)

Interactie Viewer Dredger

(click on image to open viewer)

Interactve Viewer Fishing Vessel

LNG shipping
(click on image to open viewer)

super yachts
(click on image to open viewer)

(click on image to open viewer)


offshore drilling

Land rigs



offshore production


host it ONLINE

Host it on your website and share with the world. In addition we also supply hosting services for Interactive Viewer.

full compatibility

Interactive Viewer is fully compatible with all type of Internet browsers and operating systems.

host it Offline

Host it locally without need of internet connection. Applicable for Intranet solutions within company offices, local computers (for internal use), meeting rooms, etc.


Interactive Viewer does not require high-end hardware as it is with Interactive 3D Models. Viewer can run on any Windows/Mac PC, or Tablets.

Technology Conferences

With use of Interactive Viewer we can supply highly entertaining BIG SCREEN interactive presentations for companies exibiting at different technology conferences (ONS, OTC, Offshore Energy, etc. )

Video Conferece Meetings

As traveling is suddenly no longer safe, companies move to virtual meeting rooms. With use of Interactive Viewer, clients can greatly improve overall understanding for all involved in the project. Visual interaction on basic or very detailed level will bring teams together and help boost productivity.

external data

Interactive Viewer can be enhanced to also serve as real time unit/field visual viewer. We can link external databases to our viewer so that real time data can be presented when clicking on items (example: clicking on wind turbine can real real time data from actual unit -speed, temerature, etc.)

field map

Interactive Viewer can serve as interactive visual map of field developments (Oil, Gas, Wind, etc.).

Visual Twin

Interactive Viewer can serve as Visual Twin for different units ( Jackups, Semi-submersible, Ships, Platforms, Land Rigs, etc.).

spin around

Turn around unit to see it from every possible angle by simply dragging image sideways with mouse.

fly in / fly out

Click on spots to fly into them, or zoom out.


Click on units or equipment to see and interact with animated operations


Click on item to see details (drawings, metadata, other details)

360 panoramas

Full 360 dome type panorama where you can turn around and look up and down. Typicaly used for closed rooms, or for views from specific points to get overview. Provides qood visual reference for collaboration meetings

custom development

Our programming team can support client in developing special presentations where we mix different features together into one viewer, or develop new ones if needed.